Threshing Barn

Located just beyond the 1860s Kitchen Garden, the restored 1862 barn was built by Donald Manson specifically to store and thresh wheat that was grown on his Champoeg farm. Today it is an active part of the Champoeg Promise School Program for school children and the centerpiece of the seasonal Living History events as well as summer ranger-led tours.

It is believed the barn is an older Champoeg building Manson rescued after the 1861 flood.  He took the building apart and re-erected it on the current site in a slightly different configuration. Built with two sets of large, double doors on the east and west sides of the barn, its clever design allows a farmer to take maximum advantage of the natural wind flow to separate the chaff from the wheat. It also is large enough to accommodate a wagon, which expedites cargo loading and unloading under shelter from the weather.